News release: Pioneering the next health revolution

Using a world-first extraction process, Rugani Juice captures the life force of their own daily harvested carrots, and extracts them into a 100% juice within four hours. “We wanted to make nutraceuticals accessible and convenient to all. What once seemed an insurmountable task for a family of farmers is now a reality,” said Vito Rugani, co-owner of Greenway Farms, about developing the technology needed to make this nutritionally superior, and affordable, product. “From working with leading veggie extract pioneers, to […]

Global Insights from SIAL, Paris

We attended SIAL in Paris in October this year, a global trade show also referred to as the world’s largest food innovation exhibition. One of the trends we noticed while introducing the Rugani Juice goodness on world stage, was that there is a general global shift to more healthy and natural food options. Craft and small batch products are gaining traction and presence. In the beverage industry, low sugar and natural sugar alternatives are hot topics. Rugani Juice is at […]

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