The I Love Foodies Cape Town Christmas Gift Guide is out, featuring Rugani Juice! 🎄🎁🥕

Healthy Holidays

The great investment you made into healthy living this year does not have to be undone by holiday refreshments. Make Rugani Juice your go-to summer drink. No sugar, no water and no preservatives are added. So much of what we consume to satisfy the summer thirst is filled with empty calories that adds very little nutritional value to our bodies. Even fruit juice or iced tea are not always really healthier alternatives to carbonated soft drinks. Drinking our 100% Carrot […]

Beta-Carotene Benefits for Your Summer Skin

Vitamin A is known to be very beneficial for your skin, nails and hair. Carrot juice contains high levels of beta-carotene which the body uses to make Vitamin A. This is especially important during the summer months, when our skin is more exposed to environmental factors. Beta-carotene supports cancer mitigation and is the most effective natural preventative discovered to date. The human body absorbs its rarest variant, cis-beta-carotene most efficiently, but only 2% to 4% of the total beta-carotene available […]

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