A Lunchbox Resolution recipe – with HeinStirred

We recently partnered with HeinStirred (Hein van Tonder) to get a few fresh Lunchbox Resolutions ideas, featuring the range of Rugani Juices. Here is an excerpt of his Baby Marrow Muffins with Roasted Pumpkin and Chèvre Spread recipe  post, with the link: It’s back to work and school for most of us and what to take for lunch is back on the agenda. And after the festive season, keeping it a bit healthier will be top of mind for most of […]

New Year’s Lunchbox Resolutions

One of the areas in our lives that really does deserve a new year’s resolution, with a sustainable action plan, is our health. We know that we need to excersise and eat more healthy. We also know, from previous years’ new year’s resolution experience, how challenging that gets when schedules pick up, and life-demands push personal priorities to the side. An easy win is to make one simple lunchbox resolution. Add an affordable staple buy to your grocery list that […]

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