Rugani Beetroot Juice is an accessible, convenient and natural nutraceutical sport nutrition. For more information on this amazing juice and its benefits, read our latest blogpost here: https://t.co/mxAsVFbpp4

Red is for recovery

Rugani Beetroot Juice: Accessible, convenient and natural nutraceutical sport nutrition. “In the world of athletic competition, margins of victory are becoming smaller, and in some cases may literally come down to a fraction of a second or the ability to contract a single motor unit one more time. Thus, athletes are constantly in pursuit of any advantage to improve athletic performance. Some athletes may turn toward nutritional supplements, from both natural and organic sources, to provide this edge.” (Beetroot Juice […]


“Diets rich in vegetables like beets are shown to have a significant impact on body functions during exercise. In fact, beetroot juice has become one of the most popular ergogenic supplements for athletes.” A very interesting read from Verywell on how…

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