Rugani Roasted Beetroot & Lime Soup for Superheroes Like You

On days when you feel you need a little extra kick to get through your unruly to-do list, try adding colour to your day to give you that boost of energy that is only possible with rich, nutrient-bursting soup, such as this Rugani-inspired Beetroot and Lime Soup. Beetroot is known to increase athletic performance, sharpen your mind, regulate blood pressure and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Sounds like the perfect food for superheroes like you. Try it! Ingredients: (Serves […]

Prep for Spring…

…with a Rugani Beetroot Quinoa Salad loaded with butternut, feta and rocket With days to go until Spring is officially on the calendar, kit out your lunch salad with plenty of complimentary earthy flavours to ramp up your Ready-for-Summer-Body fitness regime. In this recipe, we’ve used Rugani 100% beetroot juice to prepare the quinoa. Not only does it give it a fabulous jewel-like colour but enhances the whole dish with the earthy flavour of delicious beets. Here’s how to make […]

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